The power of video
Get seen and create impact

A little bit about me

My name is Max Vellinga and I am a motion graphics designer &  art director from the Netherlands. I am specialized in 2D (character) and explainer animation. It’s my passion to share ideas and stories with well-crafted animations. Besides animation I love working out, doing sports and cooking.

Why video content is so important


It’s no secret that video content is booming. The numbers of viewed video content are rising every year. It is the strongest and most effective medium for engagement. It does stand out on a timeline, especially currently with auto-played videos. Video content gets the most views, likes and shares and thus reaching more audience.

Attention span

As times are changing our attention spans get shorter. We get lazy.  The video is being preferred over reading long and boring texts. On mobile phones reading is even a chore, you need video.

Explain difficult topics

As the saying goes, a picture says more than a thousand words. Meaning with video, it allows to visually explain difficult topics with ease.

Adding value to a brand

Well-crafted video content makes brands come alive and give them an identity, value. It builds curiosity and encourages to discover more of your brand.

In reverse, bad content decreases the value. This must be avoided at all costs. That is also the reason why it is not only important to just have an animation. But actually going to the core, listen to your story, create a solid concept and translate this into a well-executed animation.