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Visualised stories to share.

Date December 2016 Role Animation Agency OnePaperTV

During my freelance career, I produced several explanimations. In cooperation with OnePaperTV I made this piece for an estate agent. The animation focuses on explaining the services of VD Panne.

Concept & graphic design by OnePaperTV

Date 2016 Role Design & Animation Agency Welldone Pictures

Created this explainer for Pahladsingh Accountancy. Highlighting their services and business activities. 

Date March 2017 Role Animation, Design Agency Bureau Beton

What actually happens to your score when you lose or win? A lot of tennis players struggled with this question, especially in certain conditions. The reference documents are long, boring, vague and actually left the players even more confused.

This animation has been produced to give these players a better understanding. With over 30k views, lots of shares and positive comments in just two days, it certainly has reached its goal.

Date October 2016 Role Animation Agency OnePaperTV

The very first animation in cooperation with OnePaperTV.

Van Domburg Partners are very proud on their new platform. The animation covers the great added features.

Concept & graphic design by OnePaperTV