Hey! Come on in!

My name is Maximiliaan Vellinga, welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Maximiliaan Vellinga, Max for short. Living life in a cozy village in the  Netherlands. (Yep that always rainy country full of tulips, bicycles and windmills.)
During high school when I got my first camera I started making short sketches with friends in which during the editing process introduced me to the  powerful Adobe tools. This intrigued me to enroll in associated training.
Why internship?
Now it’s time for me to step up my game, to kickstart my career. I would to love to work inside a studio/team environment and collaborate together on bigger projects. And actually animate artwork made by the graphic designers. To inspire and learn from each other.
To start of, my showreel. Showing some of my best works I have made.
This is my very first fully animated quadruped walk cycle. The design had been made in Illustrator and rigged the limbs with DUIK.
One of my freelance projects I fully animated. Being provided with a script and graphic assets by the studio.
Experimental rig for facial expression. First build the shapes in Illustrator. Then setup the rig and poses with Joystick & Sliders. 
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